Speak of the Devil: Movie Pitch

Speak of the Devil starring Sam Rockwell, Tony Todd, Zoë Kravitz, Anna Kendrick and David Koechner. Written by me, directed by Jordan Peele. (And in a perfect world, I’d convince Tyler, The Creator to do the score)

Franklin Jennings (Rockwell) is meek, down on is luck stockbroker. No friends, no girl, no swagger. One day a voice in his head speaks to him (Todd) telling Frankie how to get ahead at work, get the girls, make money. Franklin makes a real with the devil and almost two years later (666 days), it’s time for the now rich, drug addicted hotshot Jennings to hold up his end of the bargain. The Devil tells him to assassinate the newly elected & super obnoxious US President (Koechner), but Jennings starts wondering if he is really talking to the Devil or just crazy. Oh, and he’s also trying to juggle two girlfriends (Kendrick/Kravitz). The movie is a black comedy-horror with sex, drugs, comical violence, and a crazy twist at the end (tweet me and I’ll tell you). The main theme of the film is excess and morality: how far will someone go to get/protect the things they desire most? Let me know what you think, would you wanna see this movie? Share it with your peeps!


All pitch ideas are original and owned by me!

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