NEW HORROR PODCAST: Beyond the Grave

Sup Creeps!

As most people know, I absolutely love horror movies. It’s my favorite movie genre and since I started podcasting, I’ve always wanted my own horror show. Thanks to GeekPulse Radio and Geeks + Gamers, that is now a thing! Beyond the Grave is a horror variety of sorts that will feature a number of segments covering various aspects of the horror world. News, movie reviews, skits, and more, each episode will have a theme and a different format. The only segment that will be featured in every episode is the anthology style collection of short stories & audio dramas called Grave Tales, that will not only feature personal works, but stories from various horror creators. Essentially, I’m trying to recreate that public access vibe, or like an old-school horror show you’d hear on the radio. I not only want to use this show to connect with the horror community, but to get show more of my creative production side that I don’t normally get to do. I have a lot of fun ideas for this show and the first episode already includes one of my favorite things I’ve ever done. This show is going to be weird, creepy, and a shit ton of fun! Join me as we go Beyond the Grave every other Monday on GeekPulse Radio, on iTunes, SoundCloud & more!

EP01- Stephen- the King of Horror

SoundCloud Episode 1- Stephen: The King of Horror

iTunes Episode 1- Stephen: The King of Horror

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