Trailer for Wes Anderson’s Return to Stop-Motion “Isle of Dogs” Drops

In a film world saturated in reboots and franchises, leave it it to Wes Anderson to provide some levity in the form of a trailer for his latest original film, Isle of Dogs. Taking place in Japan, the film follows a boy on a quest to recover his dog Spots from a trash island where all dogs have been banished to by his corrupt, mayor of a father. The dazzling trailer for stop-motion film was released this morning to positive reception.

Admittedly, I don’t love Wes Anderson’s films. But it’s undeniable that his near spotless filmography sports some of the most original films put to screen, due to his recognizable directing style. I’m also a big fan of stop-motion animation, a medium that is slowly declining in modern media due to its expensive and lengthy production process. This is Anderson’s return to the medium after the critical success of 2009’s Fantastic Mr. Fox, which garnered two Academy Award nominations. Isle of Dogs looks to have a similar formula, sporting some gorgeous animation and a STACKED voice cast of Anderson Alums such as Edward Norton, Bill Murray, and Tilda Swinton. I’m also happy to point out the number of Japanese actors in the film like Ken Watanabe, Yoko Ono, and Kunichi Nomura. This is a nice change of pace from all of the “whitewashing” drama that’s plagued films such as Ghost in the Shell and Death Note this year.

The film has all the makings of a great Wes Anderson flick: quirky, funny, and unlike anything you’ve seen before. Will Isle for Dogs be an early Oscar favorite (look at me, writing about next year’s awards season before this year’s even happens. Ahhh, film journalism) or Anderson’s first misstep? We’ll have to wait until March 23, 2018 to find out, but for now enjoy this cinematic breath of fresh air.

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