Deez Thoughts

Deez Thoughts (got em!) is a random collection of thoughts I have in the world of film. Mini-reviews, movie pitches, think pieces, just whatever is on my mind. If you like what you see, follow my blog and share it with your squad!

Review: UPGRADE Brings All the Techno-Thrills & Kills| Deez Thoughts #3

Review: THE ENDLESS Blends Family Drama With the Supernatural | Deez Thoughts #2

Retro Review: Coherence (2013) | Deez Thoughts #1

Deez Picks: Top 12 Movies of 2017

Thor: Ragnarok | God of Funder (I’m Sorry): Movie Review

The Tragic Trilogy of Fame: #Trilodeez

Not So (Logan) Lucky: Movie Review

Annabelle: #DeezTweets Review

The Devil’s Candy: #DeezTweets Review

Speak of the Devil: Movie Pitch

A Scout’s Guide to Planet Earth: Movie Pitch

Atomic Blonde: #DeezTweets Review


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