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Here is a list of articles I’ve had published online, check them out! List will be updated as they come out, but follow me on Twitter to get them first!

Grab Your Crucifix! Looking Back at EXORCIST II: THE HERETIC: Review/Editorial (Nightmare on Film St)

HEREDITARY Hype Continues With A24 “Evil Grandmas” 2019 Calendar: News Article (Nightmare on Film St)

Maleficent 2 Begins Filming, Officially Announces Michelle Pfeiffer Casting: News Article (Nightmare on Film St)

SEQUENCE BREAK Oozes Style, Literally and Figuratively: Review (Nightmare on Film St)

BAD SAMARITAN is A Modern Thriller With A Truly Menacing Villain: Review (Nightmare on Film St)

The Meg Trailer Promises a Statham-Shark Showdown: Trailer Review (Nightmare on Film St)

Remember When Oscar Winner Guillermo del Toro Directed Blade II!?: Editorial (Nightmare on Film St)

FAMILY BLOOD Trailer Showcases A Contemporary Vampire Flick: Trailer review (Nightmare on Film St)

Final Destination Continues to Cheat Death After 18 Years: Editorial (Nightmare on Film St)

Zombie T-Rex Runs Rampant in Jurassic Dead: Trailer Review (Nightmare on Film St)

Writer/Director Brandon Christensen Talks Still/Born: Interview (Nightmare on Film St)

Travel Back in Time for Tom Savini’s Flicker Web Series: News Article (Nightmare on Film St)

Still/Born Brings the Fear of Parenthood to Life: Review (Nightmare on Film St)

200 Hours Takes Insomnia to a Whole New Level

Ryan Reynolds Signs Deal on Clue Board Game Remake

Jigsaw Back for For More: Another SAW Movie in the Works?: News Article (Nightmare on Film Street)

Psychopaths Offers Thrills & Kills, Plus an Exclusive take from Shudder’s Sam Zimmerman: Review/Interview (Nightmare on Film Street)

Sinister Forces Have No Curfew in The Night Sitter: Trailer Review (Nightmare on Film St)

Get Out and The Magic of Film Editing with Greogry Plotkin: Editorial (Nightmare on Film St)

Delightfully Naughty Thriller BETTER WATCH OUT Makes the Nice List: Review (Nightmare on Film St)

The Shape of Waiting: 7 Guillermo Del Toro Films Stuck In Development Hell: Editorial (Nightmare on Film St)

Poor Agnes is Not Your Typical Serial Killer Flick: Trailer Review (Nightmare on Film St)

Military Madness in Trailer for The Rizen: Trailer Review (Nightmare on Film St)

New Mutants Reveal Nightmare-Inducing Poster: News Release (Nightmare on Film St)

American Psycho: Too Hip to Be Square: Editorial (Geeks+Gamers)

5 Horror Movies That Could Actually Use a Reboot: Opinion Piece (Geeks+Gamers)

Candyman: The Sweet Talkin, Sugar-Coated Slasher: Editorial (Geeks+Gamers)

Jigsaw: Review (Geeks+Gamers)

Happy Death Day: Review (Geeks+Gamers)

Brad’s Status: Review (Geeks+Gamers)

Mother! : Review (Geeks+Gamers)

Patti Cake$: Review (Geeks+Gamers)

Ingrid Goes West: Review (Geeks+Gamers)

Brigbsy Bear: Review (Geeks+Gamers)

Annabelle: Creation: Review (Geeks+Gamers)

Kidnap: Review (Geeks+Gamers)

Keeping the Cinematic Experience Alive: Opinion Piece (Geeks+Gamers)

The Little Hours: Review (Geeks+Gamers)

A Ghost Story: Review (Geeks+Gamers)

Where Did All the Original Movies Go!?: Opinion Piece (Geeks+Gamers)

The Bad Batch: Review (Geeks + Gamers)

It Comes At Night: Review (Geeks+Gamers)

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