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Here is a list of articles I’ve had published online, check them out! List will be updated as they come out, but follow me on Twitter to get them first!

A24 Delivers a Delightful Hot Mess With Horror Comedy Slice: Review (Nightmare on Film Street)

John Cho Gives a Cutting Edge Performance in Techno-Thriller Searching: Review (Nightmare on Film Street)

Fantastic Fest’s Second Wave of Films Includes Halloween, Climax, and Hold Onto Dark: Press Release (Nightmare on Film Street)

Modern Masterpieces: 10 Recent Horror Films Ready to be Considered Classics: Editorial (Nightmare on Film Street)

Pioneer of the Plot Twist: Ranking M. Night Shyamlan’s Top 10 Best Films on His Birthday: Editorial (Nightmare on Film Street)

Mandy Score by Jóhann Jóhannson Lives On With Posthumous Release: News Article (Nightmare on Film Street)

Scary Movie: Flattering Imitation or Tasteless Copycat?: Review/Editorial (Nightmare on Film Street)

Cooties & Killers in the Trailer for Summer of ’84: Trailer Review (Nightmare on Elm Street)

Excitement Cannot Be Contained – Official Glass Poster Revealed: News Article (Nightmare on Film Street)

Grab Your Crucifix! Looking Back at EXORCIST II: THE HERETIC: Review/Editorial (Nightmare on Film St)

HEREDITARY Hype Continues With A24 “Evil Grandmas” 2019 Calendar: News Article (Nightmare on Film St)

Maleficent 2 Begins Filming, Officially Announces Michelle Pfeiffer Casting: News Article (Nightmare on Film St)

SEQUENCE BREAK Oozes Style, Literally and Figuratively: Review (Nightmare on Film St)

BAD SAMARITAN is A Modern Thriller With A Truly Menacing Villain: Review (Nightmare on Film St)

The Meg Trailer Promises a Statham-Shark Showdown: Trailer Review (Nightmare on Film St)

Remember When Oscar Winner Guillermo del Toro Directed Blade II!?: Editorial (Nightmare on Film St)

FAMILY BLOOD Trailer Showcases A Contemporary Vampire Flick: Trailer review (Nightmare on Film St)

Final Destination Continues to Cheat Death After 18 Years: Editorial (Nightmare on Film St)

Zombie T-Rex Runs Rampant in Jurassic Dead: Trailer Review (Nightmare on Film St)

Writer/Director Brandon Christensen Talks Still/Born: Interview (Nightmare on Film St)

Travel Back in Time for Tom Savini’s Flicker Web Series: News Article (Nightmare on Film St)

Still/Born Brings the Fear of Parenthood to Life: Review (Nightmare on Film St)

200 Hours Takes Insomnia to a Whole New Level

Ryan Reynolds Signs Deal on Clue Board Game Remake

Jigsaw Back for For More: Another SAW Movie in the Works?: News Article (Nightmare on Film Street)

Psychopaths Offers Thrills & Kills, Plus an Exclusive take from Shudder’s Sam Zimmerman: Review/Interview (Nightmare on Film Street)

Sinister Forces Have No Curfew in The Night Sitter: Trailer Review (Nightmare on Film St)

Get Out and The Magic of Film Editing with Greogry Plotkin: Editorial (Nightmare on Film St)

Delightfully Naughty Thriller BETTER WATCH OUT Makes the Nice List: Review (Nightmare on Film St)

The Shape of Waiting: 7 Guillermo Del Toro Films Stuck In Development Hell: Editorial (Nightmare on Film St)

Poor Agnes is Not Your Typical Serial Killer Flick: Trailer Review (Nightmare on Film St)

Military Madness in Trailer for The Rizen: Trailer Review (Nightmare on Film St)

New Mutants Reveal Nightmare-Inducing Poster: News Release (Nightmare on Film St)

American Psycho: Too Hip to Be Square: Editorial (Geeks+Gamers)

5 Horror Movies That Could Actually Use a Reboot: Opinion Piece (Geeks+Gamers)

Candyman: The Sweet Talkin, Sugar-Coated Slasher: Editorial (Geeks+Gamers)

Jigsaw: Review (Geeks+Gamers)

Happy Death Day: Review (Geeks+Gamers)

Brad’s Status: Review (Geeks+Gamers)

Mother! : Review (Geeks+Gamers)

Patti Cake$: Review (Geeks+Gamers)

Ingrid Goes West: Review (Geeks+Gamers)

Brigbsy Bear: Review (Geeks+Gamers)

Annabelle: Creation: Review (Geeks+Gamers)

Kidnap: Review (Geeks+Gamers)

Keeping the Cinematic Experience Alive: Opinion Piece (Geeks+Gamers)

The Little Hours: Review (Geeks+Gamers)

A Ghost Story: Review (Geeks+Gamers)

Where Did All the Original Movies Go!?: Opinion Piece (Geeks+Gamers)

The Bad Batch: Review (Geeks + Gamers)

It Comes At Night: Review (Geeks+Gamers)

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