Who Is Deezus?


My name is DeVaughn Taylor and I like to create dope shit. Alright, that’s it, no more bio to read! In simplest terms, that’s what I do. Or what I want to do. Movies are my life, practically grew up in the cinema and don’t know what I’d do without them. So I write about them (reviews & news on Nightmare on Film Streetpreviously Geeks & Gamers). I podcast about them (currently on hiatus Deezus Take the Reel, formerly TV Ate My Brain, appearances on various others). These outlets have allowed me to interview some of the best in the online film community, work film festivals, meet writers/directors, and I don’t plan on stopping there.

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Talking about them isn’t always enough, though. Like I said, I want to create things. Whether it be through photography, short films, or eventually a full-length feature, I want to create things that are different. Tell unique, thought-provoking, and beautiful stories through my eyes. I started off on YouTube doing review type stuff, but is shifting towards more personal film oriented things: a documentary series, short films, special video edits, vlogs, etc. I’m a self-taught editor proficient in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop, and Audacity.

But wait, there’s more!

My mind is constantly flooding with ideas, you never know what you’re gonna see from me. More photography projects, spoken word, music videos, and anything I can come up with. Follow me as I try to create the dope-est content I can. I’m forever learning, so it’s only going to get better.



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