Who Is Deezus?



My name is DeVaughn Taylor and I’m obsessed with movies! I’m also obsessed with coffee, Twitter, my hair, How I Met Your Mother, and my cat Lennie. But above all else, movies are my life. I grew up in the theater as a kid, which has become my escape from the world. That hasn’t changed as an adult, as movies have rescued me from some dark places. This is when I realized I wanted to make a career out of movies: reviewing them, writing about them, talking about them, writing them, anything. All I want in life is to be surrounded by film and be someone people come to for opinions.

I currently host a podcast called Deezus Take the Reel where I bring people on to play games, tell stories, and talk about movies & life. It’s a great way to talk about movies beyond a critical standpoint and just have fun. I also am a host for Core Temp Arts Podcast Network, recapping TV shows on their podcast TV Ate My Brain (I cover iZombie, Mr. Robot, and various Netflix shows). I host a horror podcast on GeekPulse Radio called Beyond the Grave, a variety of sorts where I talk all things horror, read short stories, perform skits, and more. Writing wise, you can find some of my stuff on Nightmare on Film Street and Geeks + Gamers reviewing movies, mainly horror and indies. Check out all my stuff, share with your homies, and reach out: let’s talk some movies!


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